To set up your eRefund account, click the link below to access TouchNet and follow the steps shown.


Click Here to log into your account.

  1. Enter your student id (starts with 960 or 000) and provide your password. You password is the same as the one you use for your portal and Banner Self-Service.

    Touchnet login screen

  2. Once in your account, click on eRefunds at the top of the screen.

    Touchnet eRefunds button

  3. On eRefunds screen, click Set up Account.

    Touchnet set up account screen

  4. . If you already have a saved account, the system will give you the option to add that account as your eRefund account. If you do not have a saved account, you will provide the information highlighted below. The save payment method as box can be anything you would like such as “My Account” or “My Refund Account”. Press continue once you have provided the requested information. Be sure to contact your bank if you have any questions about your routing number or your bank account number.

    Touchnet set up account screen

  5. You will receive a confirmation email from tnar to your UTM email account once you create your refund account.

Need Help?

For help logging into the Portal and/or Banner, contact the Help Desk at (731) 881-7900 or e-mail helpdesk@utm.edu.


For questions about your refund, contact the Bursar's Office at (731) 881-7810 or www.utm.edu/departments/bursar.

Visit these sites for more information:

Refund Check Distribution Schedule

Refunding Policy - Dropping Hours


1. Log into your MyUTMartin portal
2. Go to Banner-Self Service
3. Go to the Personal Tab
4. Then click on “Payments and Deposits”
5. Then click on "Click here to Online payments"
6. Then click "Home"
7. Then click "Statements"
8. Then click "Action" and then "View"

To view forms from previous years, please use the link below.

View 1098T Information >


Student Accounts Main Page

View Student Accounts Main Page >


Request a Replacement Skyhawk Card

Request a Replacement Card >