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Chancellor's Corner

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A Message from Chancellor Carver

5 students standing together

Thank you for visiting the Chancellor’s Corner. I've just completed my third year at the University of Tennessee at Martin. As we enter a new decade together, to say that I'm excited about our programs and our future is an understatement!


Our enrollment in terms of total headcount is up for a second consecutive year.


UT Martin's freshman-to-sophomore retention rate has been our highest in school history over the past three years.


Our alumni and friends are supporting us at unprecedented levels.


And, a recent survey conducted by Gallup Inc. has shown that UT Martin students feel connected to and encouraged by their professors; are confident in the skills they learn in the classroom; and feel safe in the campus community.


Additionally, the survey revealed the following:


  • Seven of 10 students say faculty have talked to them about their career options.
  • Eighty-two percent of students have someone at UT Martin they can count on to help plan their course to graduation.
  • Eighty-eight percent of students agree that UT Martin is committed to academic excellence.

What does this mean for you–a prospective student?


Our campus is an incredible place to live, learn and grow. With dedicated faculty and a 15:1 student-teacher ratio, we have created a special learning environment for our students.


I hope that you'll come visit us soon. Come fly with us!


All the best,



Chancellor's Honor Roll

The outstanding academic achievements of undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee at Martin have been honored with publication of the Fall 2018 Chancellor's out-of-state Honor Roll and Fall 2018 Chancellor's in-state Honor Roll.

Spring 2020 Chancellor's out-of-state Honor Roll

Spring 2020 Chancellor's in-state Honor Roll