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Please read the Application and Registration Instructions carefully before completing the steps.

Fall 2018 Registration is Open March 26th thru August 26th.

Fall 2018 Classes Begin on August 27th.

Fall 2018 Late Registration is August 27th thru 31st.

Step 1: Complete the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant Application. (The online application must be completed and processed by the deadline date each semester in order for a student to participate and receive funding from this grant. The application processing deadline dates for the college award year are: September 15 for fall enrollment, February 1 for spring, or May 1 for summer enrollment.)

Step 2: Complete the UTM Dual Enrollment Application EACH semester (please allow 3-5 business days for processing). Complete a Dual Enrollment Program Consent Form and submit to the Dual Enrollment Office by email to or fax to 731-881-3589.

Step 3: Register for your UTM Course. (Students may take up to two courses. Additional course will require permission from the Dual Enrollment Office.)

Step 4: Pay Fees (if applicable) and purchase required course materials.


NOTE: Student is responsible for purchasing all required course materials (books, access codes, etc.), as grant/scholarship funds only cover tuition/fees.


Important Information:

Dual Enrollment Grant: Please complete the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant Program Additional Courses Acknowledgement Form if you have or will use more than four Dual Enrollment Grants before/during this semester.


EVEA Verification: If you will be 18 by the end of the semester you are enrolling, please send a copy of your drivers license to or fax to 731-881-3589.

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