Occupational Licensure

Only 18 hours could get you an occupational license

CTE 290 - Effective Instructional Strategies and Managing the Environment
Workshop on selected topics. No more than nine hours of workshop credit may be applied to an undergraduate degree in education.


CTE 300 - Students with Exceptionalities
An introductory course designed to provide an overview of the field of special education. Principles, characteristics, programs, special needs, legal requirements, and instructional strategies related to the education of handicapped students.


CTE 303 - Diagnosis and Evaluation
Designed to develop skills in selecting, constructing, administering and interpreting instruments appropriate for assessing differing needs and achievement of children and youth.


CTE 311- Technology Integration
This course provides familiarization with the microcomputer as pertains to the learner. Familiarity with commonly used computer terminology, development of an awareness of different types of software, ability to determine what constitutes good quality software, and development of an awareness of Internet skills as a tool in the classroom. Study of various applications where the computer is used as an instructional tool.


CTE 325 - Educational Psychology
Introduction to the psychology of learning, motivation and social development. Focus on the development of learning theory, psychological and environmental factors that influence learning, and the validity of various learning paradigms.


CTE 440 - Selected Problems in Education (Directed Internship)


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