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Amy McLean

Amy Hayes McLean, MSW, LAPSW
Lecturer of Social Work
UT Martin – ECOS


Amy McLean was born and raised in West Tennessee. She attended Union University in Jackson, and double majored in psychology and sociology. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree. After earning her undergraduate degree, she worked in the family business for a year before entering graduate school.


McLean graduated from the University of Alabama with a Master of Social Work focusing on children, youth and families. She received the Department of Human Resources child welfare stipend. She completed two field placements working with a homeless agency in Birmingham and with child protective services for the State of Alabama.


McLean’s social work experience includes corrections, homeless families, child abuse prevention, nursing and group home regulation, school health and public health. She began teaching as an adjunct instructor for UT Martin at Northwest Correctional Complex in Tiptonville, then later at the UT Martin Ripley Center before coming to UT Martin full time for ECOS in fall 2011.


She finds her greatest inspiration in seeing students honestly and totally engage in class discussions or understand a concept for the first time. She values student involvement and uses student feedback to continuously improve and revise her teaching style. She enjoys the immediate feedback from students when a class experience has been memorable.


McLean seeks to make an impact in rural West Tennessee by teaching at the extended campus centers. As a lifelong resident of West Tennessee, she feels an intense commitment to the area and the people. She views development of the workforce as a key component in the future success of the region.


McLean enjoys watching the growth and development of her students from semester to semester. She finds the combination of advising and teaching at the extended campus centers one of the most rewarding experiences of her career. Sharing her passion for diversity, social justice, and the dignity and worth of every person is her utmost goal in teaching. Each day in the classroom inspires her to find new pathways to engage students.


McLean believes her role is to provide inspiration and excitement to the classroom. She says that students learn best when they find a way to connect course material to their interests and future career goals. She has high expectations of her students and expects them apply themselves in preparation for achieving their goals.

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