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Master of Science in Education in Instructional Leadership

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Master of Science in Education in Instructional Leadership

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Vision, Mission, and Core Principles

The Instructional Leadership Preparation Program is a graduate program within the College of Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences (CEHB). The primary mission of the CEHB is the preparation of a diverse clientele of students through a variety of program offerings which meet state, regional, and national accreditation standards, for either entry into the world of work or further academic study at the graduate level. Those who choose to enter the world of work include those prepared to teach Pre K-12 students and perform other school service functions as well as others who may choose to embark upon careers in such public service areas as nursing and other health-related services such as sports management or exercise science and wellness, government, social and psychological services, personnel management, and the criminal justice system. Those who continue academic study at the graduate level may pursue a Master's of Science in education degree leading to educational leadership licensure or school counseling as well as mental health counseling or an advanced degree in a wide range of occupations related to education and the behavioral sciences.


We offer a variety of professional education programs associated with bachelors and masters degrees. Our programs include both traditional and alternative licensure options. These initial licensure programs are all guided by the mission and vision of our Educator Preparation Program.


The mission of the Educator Preparation Program at the University of Tennessee at Martin is to prepare educators in initial and advanced programs as facilitators of active learning for P-12 learners in diverse and inclusive communities. This mission encompasses excellence in a variety of learning and field placement settings, fosters an innovative and student-focused learning community through coursework that is rigorous and standards-based, and integrates evidence-based educational practices in teaching and learning.


The mission and vision of the Instructional Leadership Graduate Program is grounded in our core disciplines. Our core disciplines were developed collaboratively as our graduate program worked with current district-level & building level administrators, community members, and UTM faculty and staff. All aspects of our program are grounded in the following core principles:

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Culture
  • Vision & Values
  • Equity & Integrity
  • Institutional Management
  • Change Agent
  • Results-Oriented
  • Student-Focused

The vision of the Education Preparation Program at the University of Tennessee at Martin is to prepare highly competent and socially responsible educators who are knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision-makers for a diverse and changing world. This vision includes fostering community partnerships and creating a culture of learning that advances knowledge, values diversity, and promotes social justice.

Program Highlights:

  • Online *
  • NO GRE Required
  • Complete the program in as little as 12 months.
  • 7 week courses
  • 30 credit hours
  • Transfer Credits accepted
  • Face to Face coaching during and after program
  • All faculty have experience as a building or district administrator.
  • Cohort based


30 hours


Full or part time




3-6 Semesters


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Semester of Entry

Fall or Spring



*Online coursework with one mandatory Saturday on-campus orientation.

Potential Occupations

  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Supervisor
  • Facilitator

Program of Study

EDLD 710 Introduction to Supervising and Leading Educational Change - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 760 Law, Policy and Ethics in the Educational Setting - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 755 Equitable and Culturally Responsive Practices - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 745 Measurement & Decision Making - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 715 Personnel Management and Professional Development - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 750 School Finance & Business Management - 3 Credit Hours

READ 700 Foundations of Literacy Development - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 775 School-wide Behavior Management - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 730 School & Community Relations - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 780 Clinical Supervision - 3 Credit Hours


Total Minimum hours required for M.S. Degree - 30

Instructional Leadership Endorsement Option

For additional information on the Instructional Leadership Endorsement Option, click here



The UTM Instructional Leadership program believes in the power of connection. We provide face-to-face coaching with onsite visits to provide you with timely feedback and support. For those who successfully complete our program, we will provide coaching and support AFTER graduation. We will continue supporting our novice principals and those who are “principals-in-waiting” (those who do not immediately move to principal upon completion of the program). Our program is a cohort-based model where courses are limited to no more than 15 members who take the same classes at the same time. Cohorts will be required to meet together in one seminar – face-to-face—where we will strengthen our network of support to one another.


Our program is designed to immerse candidates in a variety of authentic instructional leadership experiences focused on what successful principals must know and be able to do. All courses (3 hours each) are taught by professional educators with experience as a principal. UTM Leadership Coaches who will be working with you during AND after program completion are former PRINCIPALS who have received additional training in national coaching and mentor programs.

Leadership Experiences

As a candidate seeking licensure as an instructional leader, you must participate in authentic leadership experiences or clinical experiences that include both field experiences and a sustained clinical practice. These experiences provide you the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills attained throughout the principal preparation program in an authentic and practical setting. To ensure you have the abilities to THRIVE as a leader for equity in any school setting, you are required to have leadership experiences with students with diverse learning needs and varied background in at least two (2) settings (for example, middle school and elementary school; high school and elementary school; schools in two different districts) during their clinical practice.


Clinical experiences will be completed under the supervision of knowledgeable, expert, onsite clinical mentors who provide candidates with coherent, authentic, and sustained opportunities to synthesize and apply your knowledge and leadership skills and dispositions in ways that approximate the full range of responsibilities required of building-level leaders. Clinical experiences will require a minimum of 10-15 hours per week of authentic leadership activities within a school setting. The Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards (TILS) and the National Educational Leadership Program (NELP) Standards as the basis for program curriculum and clinical experiences ensuring you can THRIVE.

Developing Leaders with DRIVE

Discipline & Focus

Respect, Resilient, and Reflective

Integrity & Equity


Engage in Empathy & Connection to Empower Others


The goal of our clinical experience and individualized coaching is to Develop Leaders with DRIVE or the self-motivation, grit, and determination to succeed. We develop a team of experienced administrators to coach, mentor, and support your growth as a highly effective leader.

THRIVE – The Instructional Leadership Support Team

The goal of THRIVE, the Instructional Leadership Support Team, is to help candidates THRIVE and not just survive! THRIVE represents your support team composed of the Clinical Mentor, the UTM Leadership Coach, and the UTM Faculty Coordinator. Team members work together to assist candidates to


Turn their leadership vision into reality through

Honest & trustworthy interactions.

THRIVE members are

Responsive to the needs of candidates providing

Intentional, targeted coaching & feedback in order to nurture leaders who

Value connection.

The team will work together to provide the tools, materials, resources, and experiences to

Empower the Candidate to become an Effective Leader.


THRIVE team members will meet on-site together at least one time during each semester where they will examine evidence of your clinical experiences to provide feedback to support your growth including areas or strength and areas needing to be addressed. The THRIVE team will review and evaluate your Instructional Leadership Personalized Professional Learning Plan (PLP) performance and measurable improvements for the identified areas of growth. THRIVE team members will determine if you have completed the requirements for the clinical experience satisfactorily and will make recommendations for additional work, if necessary.




Admission Requirements

All applicants for Educational Leadership (degree-seeking, non-degree, or endorsement) must also submit the following documents (items 1-9) for review and recommendation from the Educational Leadership (EDLD) Program Admission Committee.

  1. GPA requirement
    • Cum GPA—a 2.50 cumulative GPA on all work attempted prior to completion of the baccalaureate degree, or
    • SrYr GPA—a 3.00 GPA on the last 30 semester hours attempted in the baccalaureate degree (all work will be computed for the number of semesters necessary to total the last 30 semester hours), or
    • a 3.00 GPA on the SrYr plus any post-baccalaureate upper-division and/or graduate courses. (Any courses included in the SrYr calculation may be repeated to raise the GPA to 3.00).
  2. $30 Application Fee
  3. Personal statement of career goals and how the preparation program would assist the candidate in reaching stated goals. Be sure to address the following: Why are you interested in a principal licensure program? What are your hopes and dreams as a potential instructional leader? What do you hope to learn as a result of this program? How have you demonstrated leadership in coaching other teachers to raise student achievement? Admission Reqts for College of Education, Health, & Behavioral Sciences 529 Graduate Catalog
  4. Current resumé.
  5. The Applicant Recommendation Form must be completed and submitted by principal/superintendent and/or former principal/superintendent. The form is available on the Education Graduate Program webpage (http://www.utm.edu/departments/edgrad/forms.php).
  6. Copy of current teaching license.
  7. Verification of education working experience. Three years of successful education working experience prior to starting the program are required.
  8. Signed complete copy of most recent performance appraisal.
  9. Current professional development plan.
  10. Two letters of recommendation. (Note: Letters of recommendation must be from anyone who is familiar with your education working experience. Both letters must address your leadership and management potential in instructional leadership as well as your ability to improve student achievement.)

Admission is dependent upon submission of these documents and a positive review by the Program Admission Committee. All required admission documents must be submitted to the Graduate Studies office.


Office of Graduate Studies
227 Administration Building
Martin, TN 38238


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All educator preparation programs in the Department of Educational Studies are approved by the Tennessee State Board of Education and accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Graduates from our education programs take positions that include:

  • Teacher and administrators of public and private preK-12 schools,
  • Administrators and faculty of post-secondary institutions of higher education, including community colleges, four-year institutions and universities,
  • Professional school counselors and social workers for public schools, community colleges, universities, and community agencies.

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Dr. Amanda Batts

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Laurie Green

Laurie Green

Coordinator, Education Graduate Student Services Coordinator


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205 Gooch Hall

Martin, TN 38238


(731) 881-7128


(731) 881-7975


Laurie Green,

Coordinator, Education Graduate

Student Services