With the support of President DiPietro, the Huron Consulting Group worked with UT Martin leadership groups and stakeholders to complete a review of our campus’ strategic priorities, institutional data trends, emerging challenges, existing strengths, and the potential impact of trends in higher education as part of the foundation for an institutional gap analysis. The planning committee identified six priorities including a financial model.


The Financial Sustainability Committee has been charged with the development of a prioritized improvement direction and plan to ensure that the campus is engaged and poised for a stronger future. The team may supplement its review and understanding of our campus by studying data and information pertaining to institutional enrollment, retention, and graduation trends; program and accreditation reviews; FTE ratios; the competitive higher education landscape; strategic planning initiatives; campus master plan; technology plans; and comparisons with our peer groups. The team will establish plans and priorities which will seamlessly align the results for our existing strategic planning processes to propel us forward with a coordinated improvement direction/strategic process.

Initiatives Approved by Chancellor’s Staff

Student Employment Hiring Process

Student Employment Training Process

Student Employment Funding

POST Scholarship

Out-of-State Peer Competitive Rate Proposal


Camps on Campus

Student Training/Employment

Education Advisory Board (EAB) Report

Budget Equity


Physical Plant

Revenue Sharing

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