University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program, founded in 1981, is a sequence of courses and extracurricular activities for a select group of talented and motivated students. The program promotes academic excellence in an environment that encourages community service, cultural awareness, and social interaction between its members and the faculty of UT Martin. The aim is to help these students to become good citizens and future leaders in their community. Most Scholars are selected during a competitive interview process during their senior year in high school, although a small number may also be selected on the basis of excellent performance in their freshman year. The program is limited to 60 undergraduate students at all levels in the University. Scholars enroll every semester in one University Scholars course, accumulating a four-year total of 10 hours toward graduation, and complete the Honors Core Curriculum. Students also attend visiting academic speakers, cultural events, and service activities, and have the opportunity to participate in group social activities and trips to far ranging destinations. A four-year scholarship guarantee of $5000 per year accompanies the program for students who meet the established standards of curricular and extracurricular performance.



What You Get:

  • University Scholars Scholarship
  • The opportunity to expand horizons and challenge yourself academically
  • A chance to interact very closely with faculty and other high-performing students through an "academical village" which promotes deeper relationships than normally encountered in a collegiate atmosphere.
  • Seal on diploma, and resume enhancement

What You Give:


Students invited into the University Scholars Program are assured of a scholarship package totaling $5000 for each year of their participation. Students must maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA and satisfy the requirements of the University Scholars Program as outlined in the University Scholars Handbook.


Entrance Requirements

Students with a minimum ACT composite score of 28 (or SAT 1240) and high school GPA of 3.5 may apply for University Scholars admission prior to their freshman year. A few students with outstanding freshman college records at UTM, or who are transferring from another institution, may also be invited to apply. Students are selected in a competitive process involving consideration of their academic record, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, written essays, and a personal interview.


Applicants should plan to attend the annual University Scholars Prospect Weekend as part of the application process. At the Scholars Prospect weekend, applicants will meet the Honors director and Honors Council and take part in group interviews. In addition to receiving an orientation to the program, applicants will have the opportunity to meet and talk with current and prospective Scholars.


Application for freshman admission should be mailed by October 31 of the preceding academic year; applicants will be notified of their inclusion in the program after December 1. Application forms, answers to specific questions, and more information about the University Scholars Program and scholarships are available from Dr. Lionel Crews, Director (see left side bar for contact information).


The University Scholars curriculum consists of a special ten-hour sequence of seminars, reading-discussion groups, specialized studies, and a senior project. Students also complete the Honors Core Curriculum. All courses carry full academic credit and are open only to Scholars students.


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