The University Scholars Organization

The University Scholars Organization, or USO, is a student-run organization which provides an opportunity for student involvement in the administration and activities of the University Scholars Program. Several executive positions and committees within the organization provide various social and service opportunities to help enrich the Scholars experience.

2016-2017 USO Council Positions and Current Officers


President: It is the duty of the president to lead USO meetings and represent USO to the Directors, Honors Council, and at local, regional, and national Honors conferences.


Current President: Georgia Brown (



Vice President: It is the duty of the vice president to serve as acting president in the event that the president is absent, to coordinate the Scholars efforts during Prospective Scholars Weekend, and coordinate Scholar community service activities.


Current Vice President: Will Singer



Treasurer: It is the duty of the treasurer to manage USO accounts and make payments for USO expenditures.


Current Treasurer: Brandon Stacks



Secretary-Generary : It is the duty of the Secretary-Generary to keep records of all USO activities.


Current Secretary-Generary : Ashlyn Parry



Historian: It is the duty of the historian to maintain photographic records of USO events, and to manage various advertising campaigns for USO.


Current Historian: Chris Ables



Class Representatives: It is the duty of the class representatives to represent the interests of their class at USO meetings and organize any class activities.


  • Senior Representative

    Emily McCartney

  • Junior Representative

    Cody Robertson

  • Sophomore Representative

    Chelsea Thweatt

  • Freshman Representative

    Will Bratton


Committee Chairs: It is the duty of the chairs to lead their committees in the planning and execution of their specific activities.


  • Mentorship Chair

    Shaina Toler-Camien

  • Social/Trips Chair

    Zachary Parker

  • Social/Trips Chair

    Brian Affolter

  • Fundraising Chair

    Victoria Lansdale

  • Scholar Editor

    Joshua Diltz

  • Scholar Editor

    Jeremy Greenburg

  • Alumni Chair

    Lauren Maddox

  • Community Service Chair

    Margaret Nagai


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