Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for housing on campus?

Students who wish to reside in the residence halls must fill out an application in the Housing Office or apply online and pay a $100 housing prepayment. This prepayment serves as a reservation for a room, and applications cannot be processed without it. Your $100 will be deducted from the total housing fees owed. The prepayment will be refunded if the application is not accepted. University Village requires a completed application and $150.00 deposit. Due to the popularity of University Village, this does not guarantee placement. So it is recommended for you to make a secondary residence hall choice. Any student requiring special accommodations should contact the Housing Office as soon as possible so the necessary arrangements may be made.


The University reserves the right to refuse any application for accommodations or to cancel any agreements or leases in the residential facilities.


All students will have the opportunity to sign up for their same room back, roommate requests, etc. by January 31, 2011. University Village (A-E) residents wishing to return in the fall must fill out an application for the next fall semester by this deadline. UV (F-H) residents who want to try and get into UV (A-E) are encouraged to submit an application (no additional deposit required) as soon as possible to be placed on the waiting list. Otherwise please complete an application with residence hall choices and $100 prepayment by the January 31st deadline. Please make note of this date so that we may be able to guarantee your requests.

How do you determine where I get assigned in Housing?

All students will have the opportunity to sign up for their same room back, roommate requests, etc. by January 31, 2012. All applications to the Office of Housing are given priority based upon application date. In applying for housing, students may request a particular type of housing and make roommate requests. Private and corner rooms may also be requested. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests. However, because space is limited, no guarantees can be made. Priorities go to those students who apply the earliest. Roommate and suite mate requests will be granted when possible, provided the application and deposits are made at the same time and if each applicant requests in writing his/her desired roommate. Reminder: University Village (F-H) is a freshmen preference building and priority will be given to freshman based on application date.

What options do I have to choose from to live in on campus?

Browning Hall

The north side of Browning is for women, while the south side houses men. Each unit houses 264 residents. Kitchen facilities are available on each side of the first floor of the residence hall as well as in the basement of each side. A computer lab is available in the north side basement for all Browning residents to use. Browning also houses an Engineering Learning Community.


Cooper Hall

The first two floors house men, while the top two floors house women. Kitchen facilities are available in the basement. Cooper Hall, built around an open courtyard with graduated terraces and rock-lined pools, is mainly for upperclassmen. The hall houses 314 residents and has a TV lounge, laundry room, and snack area.


Ellington Hall

The north side and first floor on the south side of Ellington is for women, while the 2nd and 3rd floors on the south side house men. Each side of the building houses 264 residents. Kitchen facilities are available in the basement of each side of the building. Quiet lifestyle floors are available.


University Village Phase I (A-E)

University Village Phase I offers apartment style living with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. These fully furnished apartments include a private bedroom with a private bathroom, full size adjustable bed, full size kitchen with full size appliances, utilities including cable package with 70+ channels, balcony or porch, wireless data connection, and local phone service. University Village also offers theme housing for students admitted to the University Scholars and Honors Seminar programs.


University Village Phase II (F-H)

University Village Phase II offers apartment style living with 1,2,3, or 4 bedrooms. Apartments are furnished with a private bedroom with a shared bath (except for 1 bedroom apartments). Bath rooms are shared with one other person and come with two sinks and separate rooms for showers and toilet facilities. Bedrooms come with extra long twin size beds that are height adjustable, dresser, desk, study chair, and closet. The common area of the apartment comes with living room furniture, stack unit washer and dryers, two burner stove top, mini fridge, wireless internet, full cable package and hook up, and local phone service connection. Residents with one bedroom apartments will be assessed a private room charge on top of the normal UV II charges.

What services are included with our rooms on campus?

service is provided to each room, and the cost is included in your semester's room rent. The cable is operated by UTM Information Technology Services. University Village offers two cable connections (one in the living room and one located in each bedroom). If a problem occurs with your cable service, please contact ITS at 7900.


Front Desk

The front desks of Browning, Ellington and Cooper Hall operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Housing operates the desk from 8am to midnight, and the Department of Public Safety operates the desk from midnight to 8am. It offers a variety of services to the residents including providing telephone numbers of the residents, taking packages and messages for residents (names will be posted on the bulletin board at the desk), and reporting damages and repairs within the hall. Residents who are members of their Hall Council can check out cooking utensils, board games, movies, athletic equipment, and much more at the desk by presenting their Hall Council card. University Village Phase I residents who need assistance are asked to contact the Cooper Hall Front Desk at 8900 or 8901 and University Village Phase II residents are asked to call the Ellington Hall front desk at 8930 or 8931.



Internet service is also available in each room through Ethernet data connection. Internet access is free for residents on campus. University Village Phase I and II offers wireless data connections in the living room and in each of the bedrooms. For questions concerning Internet access, contact the Help Desk at 7900.



Laundry facilities are located in the basements of Ellington, Browning, and Cooper. You pay $2.00 for washing only. The dryers operate for free. Laundry machines utilize the skyhawk student ID cards and money can be added to them by using banner or stopping by the skyhawk card office in the University Center. Housing and UTM are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles of clothing. University Village Phase I and II residents will have their own washer and dryer units located within the apartment.



Mail service is provided to each residence hall. Mailboxes are located in the lobby area. You will be assigned a mailbox that corresponds to your room number, such as A109L. Be sure to include the L (left) or R (right) after your room number because each side has a separate mailbox. There are drop slots where you can deposit outgoing mail. University Village Phase I and II residents will be assigned a mailbox in the Boling University Center Post Office. Package delivery through FedEx, UPS, and DHL will be made directly to the apartment.


Study Rooms

Study rooms are available on most floors of Browning and Ellington for residents to use when studying individually or in small groups. These rooms are also used by staff for hall programs and parties.



Telephone service is provided individually to each room in Cooper, Ellington and Browning. Telephone outlets in University village Phase I and II are located in the common areas of the apartment. You must bring your own phone. The cost of local phone service is included in your semester's room rent. Voice mail and long distance services are available through the Telephone Services office. If you experience a problem with your phone, call the help desk at 7900. Note: To call an off campus number, you must dial 9 first. To dial a number on campus, dial only the last four digits of the telephone number.



Televisions are located in the basements of each residence hall and the lobby of Cooper Hall.


Vending Machines

Vending Machines are located in the lobbies and basements of the residence halls, in the outdoor pavilion by A building of University Village Phase I and in the lobby areas of University Village Phase II. If you lose money in the machines, please contact the front desk of one of the residence halls for a refund request.

What is the Housing Contract and Lease?

The Housing Contract or Lease Agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between the student and the Office of Housing. It is required of all on-campus residents and is for the full academic year. University Village A-E residents may sign an Academic Year or 12 month Lease Agreement. Graduating Seniors may sign a one semester lease. University Village F-H residents only have an Academic Year lease. A student who moves off campus during the semester is required to fulfill his/her housing contract obligation. Please refer to your lease for all rules and stipulations.

Can I cancel my Residence Hall Housing Contract?

The University and the Office of Housing reserves the right to terminate any contract or lease.


The Housing Contract may only be cancelled if:

  • The student graduates mid-year
  • The student marries during the period of the contract
  • The student is requested to leave as part of a disciplinary action
  • The student is student teaching or participating in a co-op that requires off-campus living
  • The student withdraws or transfers from the university


If a student moves out but is still registered for classes he/she:


Will be charged for the semester; no refund

Must have an exemption form (freshman or sophomore)

Emergency move-outs are handled on a case by case basis

Can I cancel my University Village Lease?

The University Village lease may only be canceled without penalty in cases of death or serious illness and may require a statement from a doctor or clergy.


Should lessee cease to be enrolled in school:

  • They must vacate the apartment within 3 days
  • Is responsible for the remainder of the lease or balance of the month from the day the lessee moves out plus one month, whichever is less.
  • Please refer to your University Village lease for all rules and stipulations.

What happens if I withdraw from the University?

  • Residence Hall refunds are pro-rated and will be handled through the Business Office
  • University Village residents will have to pay a buy out penalty or get an approved sub lease.
  • Students must move out of housing as soon as the withdrawal from the University is complete.

If I move out of Housing after I check in will I get a refund?

  • Residence Halls: If a student moves out but is still registered for classes, he/she will be charged for the semester room rent: no refund.
  • Residence Halls: If a student moves out at the end of fall but is still enrolled for the spring semester, the student will be charged a $500.00 buyout. All requests for buyouts must be submitted by December 1 and must have a Housing Residency Exemption Form approved.
  • University Village residents are bound by their Lease. Options for breaking the lease are only available to those residents who are withdrawing from the University. Please refer to your lease for rules and stipulations.

When am I eligible to live off campus?

The University requires all single freshmen with less than 24 hours of credit, except those living with their parents within a 50-mile radius of campus, to live on campus in the residence halls or University Village. If the student is a freshman with under 24 credit hours he/she must have an exemption form on file in the Housing Office.


Those that have 24 hours completed and a GPA of 2.0 are no longer required to live on campus. Students over 21 years of age, veterans of military service, or students with extreme health problems as verified by medical records may be exempt from this requirement. Contact the Office of Housing at 7737 for additional information.

How do I check into my room?

When each resident checks in, he/she is given a room key, a housing contract or lease agreement, and a Room Inspection Form. It is important to note any existing damages on the inspection form so that you will not be billed for these items when you check out. You are responsible for any damages to your side of the room or apartment. Residents in the Y-halls are responsible for the window screen and blinds regardless of what side of the room they occupy. They are also responsible for the shared bathroom area. For the bathrooms and living room area in Cooper, all residents of the suite are responsible for damages. Once you have completed the check-in form, return it to a staff member. You will then be issued your mailbox key (residence halls only). At University Village you will need to go to the Central Housing Office and fill out your lease. After that, you will receive your key and check in forms. Go to your room and fill out the paperwork for the shared common areas and your personal room. After completing the forms, you can return them to a staff member.

How do I check out of my room?

When you move out of your room, you are required to "check-out." This means that you must remove all belongings from your room and bathroom, clean your room, and dispose of all trash. After this has been done, contact the front desk and a staff member will come to your room or apartment. The staff member will ensure that all belongings are removed and record any damages. At this time, you will receive a copy of the checkout form and turn in your keys to the staff member. If there are any damages done to your room, you will be charged accordingly. Residents of University Village A-E and F-H MUST schedule an appointment with their Hall Director or Community Leader to get checked out.

Am I allowed to do an express check out for my room?

At the end of each semester, Express Check-Out is available in Browning, Ellington and Cooper Hall to ensure speedy check-out. Express Check-Out envelopes will be available at the front desk. Residents may get an envelope after all belongings and trash has been removed from the rooms. When doing an Express Check-Out, a staff member does not check the room until the resident has left. Residents sign the envelope, put their keys in the envelope, and drop the envelope in the Check-Out box at the front desk. By signing the envelope, the resident agrees to pay for any damages and clean up charges in the room, bathroom, and/or common areas. Express Check-Out is not an option for University Village A-E and F-H Residents.

Am I allowed to stay in my room during breaks?

Browning, Ellington, and Cooper Hall may close periodically throughout the year according to the semester breaks established by the University and depending on occupancy. These breaks include Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break. Residents wishing to stay in break housing when the halls are closed must register with the Office of Housing before the posted registration deadlines and is available on a first come first serve basis. University Village A-E and F-H will remain open throughout the year. The Academic and 12 month lease does cover designated semester breaks. The Academic Year lease does not cover summer.


Those residents that are graduating in the fall must be moved out of the residence halls by the posted time on graduation day. You must be a registered student in the spring in order to stay in break housing over Christmas Break or additional charges will be incurred for every day after move out day.

What do I need to do if I am leaving for the break?

While we believe that the buildings are secure during the breaks, the possibility of theft always exists. Therefore, we recommend removing any valuable items from your room. We are unable to assume liability for the loss of personal belongings left in your room or other areas within our operations.


Before leaving for break, please do the following:

  • Take plants and fish home for the break period.
  • Unplug all electrical items, excluding refrigerators.
  • Close and Lock your windows.
  • Close the window blinds.
  • Remove trash from the room.
  • Clean the refrigerator of any items that might spoil.
  • Turn off lights, except the bathroom lights (residence halls only)
  • Remove all belongings from your bathroom.
  • Close and Lock all doors.


A staff member will be checking your room after you are gone to help secure the building.

When am I allowed to move to a different room?

During the first week of classes of every semester, there is a moving period. During this time, if you are not satisfied with your room assignment and/or roommate, please see the Hall Director. As space is available, residents will be allowed to move on a first come, first serve basis during this period. If you are left without a roommate at the end of the moving period, you will either have to move in with someone in the same situation or pay the private room fee. Failure to participate in the consolidation period will result in a private room charge. After this moving period is over, moving is allowed only in the case of extenuating circumstances.


The moving period for University Village may occur when space availability permits.

How do I become a Resident Assistant?

Benefits of being a CA or RA

  • Meet new people
  • Develop leadership abilities
  • Increase organizational skills
  • Earn money for school
  • Learn to resolve conflicts


CA and RA Qualifications

  • A willingness to learn
  • Initiative
  • Caring
  • Desire to be a well-rounded leader
  • Ability to adhere to rules and guidelines
  • Team Player


Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA
  • Must be at least a 2nd semester freshman
  • Completion of the RA Class offered every Spring semester
  • Freedom from other job responsibilities including student teaching
  • Completed application with three completed reference forms


What are the Responsibilities?

  • Promoting a safe, comfortable environment for all residents
  • Activity planning
  • Community building
  • Desk Hours (for Resident Assistants in Ellington, Browning, and Cooper Hall)
  • Office Hours (for RA's)
  • Preparing paperwork related to building activities
  • Assisting in the daily operation of a building
  • Enforcing policies and guidelines of the University and the Housing Office
  • Serving as a resource person for residents


How are CAs and RAs Trained?

  • Through a comprehensive training program
  • Through monthly staff developments


How are CA s and RAs Compensated?

  • A paid private room in a residence hall (RA's) or an apartment (CA's)
  • Bi-weekly monetary compensation

What do I do if I am having a roommate conflict?

  • Speak to your roommate(s) directly. State issues neutrally. Relay feelings. Offer resolutions. Be prepared to listen. Are you willing to compromise?
  • If you and your roommate(s) are not able to compromise and resolve the situation, ask the staff member(s) assigned to your floor or building to intervene by meeting with all involved roommates. His/Her role is that of a neutral mediator as involved roommates resolve the problem.
  • Roommates may feel the need to meet with the Community Leader, Hall Directors or Assistant Hall Directors. The CL, HD, or AHD may serve as a mediator or arbitrator in resolving the conflict. If problems are not resolvable after the above steps have been taken, all residents involved will be given new room assignments.
  • The Office of Housing or Assistant Director for Residence Life may intervene in a conflict if roommates have been unable to resolve a conflict at other levels.

What are the rules on furniture and decorating our rooms?

Furniture in the resident's room MUST remain in the room. No furniture from other rooms (such as study rooms, basements, or lobbies) may be taken to the residents' rooms. Furniture that is not affixed to the floor may be moved and arranged as you like provided the door is not blocked. Contact the front desk or your Hall Director if you would like to have your bed moved out of your room. You will be responsible for seeing that all the furniture is in the room at the time of checkout. If furniture is missing or damaged, you may be subject to those charges.



Carpet is a great way to personalize your room in Browning, Ellington, and Cooper Hall. You may bring carpet from home, or you may purchase carpet when you arrive on campus. For safety reasons, carpet may not restrict the opening and closing of room doors. The suggested carpet size for the Y-hall rooms is 6' by 4'. All apartments in University Village Phase I and II are carpeted.


Decorations such as posters, pictures, flags, and plants are a great way to make your room feel like home. However, make sure that you do not permanently damage the walls or ceiling when attaching these items. Please do not use nails, tacks, or industrial tape. Residents are NOT permitted to paint their rooms.

What kind of recreational opportunities are available to residents?

Basketball goals are located in the south parking lots behind Browning and Ellington Halls. There are volleyball courts located at the Browning Ellington Circle and at University Village Phase I between B and C buildings. Our putting green is located between Browning and Ellington. You may check out the equipment for these sports at the front desk with your RHA Card. Also the new campus recreation center is located directly across from the Residence Halls and we are always looking to sponsor intramural sports teams!

How do I get something repaired in my room?

The UTM Housing Facilities Department and the Physical Plant provide all maintenance and repairs to the residence halls and University Village. Any repairs or damages should be reported to a front desk or on-line through BANNER web. University Village (A-E) residents should report these concerns to the Cooper Hall front desk or on-line through BANNER web. University Village (F-H) can report maintenance problems to the Ellington Hall front desk or on-line through Banner. Please be specific about the problem and include room number and side (L or R) of the room in your request. Emergency repairs need to be reported to staff immediately. Other repairs will be handled in a timely manner on a priority basis. If the problem has not been repaired after a reasonable period of time, report it again to the front desk or on-line through BANNER web. If the problem persists, contact your building Hall Director, Community Leader, or Assistant Hall Director. The Department of Housing contracts out the Pest Control service. If you experience any problems, contact the front desk. Although Housing handles minor maintenance and lock/key repairs, the Physical Plant handles heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and major carpentry repairs. Suggestions for improvements to the buildings are always welcome.

What kinds of custodial services are available for my hall?

Custodians provide periodic cleaning of shared bathrooms in Browning, Ellington, Cooper and University Village F-H. Residents are asked to empty their own room wastebaskets into the trash chutes provided in Ellington, Browning and Cooper Halls or for University Village residents, into the trash dumpster's located around the exterior of the buildings. Residents are expected to keep personal items orderly to aid in the cleaning process. Cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms, and dustpans, are located in a cleaning room on each floor. You may also obtain these supplies by contacting the front desk. University Village residents are responsible for the cleaning of their respective apartments. This does include shared areas such as the living room, kitchen, dining area, and porch or balcony (only in A-E). The residents of University Village A-E are also responsible for the cleaning of their individual bedroom and bathroom as well as purchasing and changing their own light bulbs.

What happens if I violate a Housing policy?

If you are found in violation of any University or housing policies, an occurrence report will be filed with Student Affairs. The appropriate disciplinary action will take place depending on the nature of the violation and if there have been any previous violations. Disciplinary action can include counseling by the hall staff to referral to student affairs. Once a student is referred to student affairs, the level of disciplinary action taken will depend on the severity of the violation and will be at the discretion of the student conduct officer.

What is the alcohol and drug policy on campus?

Possession of alcohol or drugs on campus is against The University of Tennessee at Martin regulations. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be allowed on campus anywhere, including the residential life facilities. If residents are found possessing drugs or alcohol in these facilities, the incident will be documented and the student will be referred to Student Affairs for disciplinary action.



At the University of Tennessee at Martin, we are deeply concerned about the health, safety, and welfare of all of our students. It is our belief that students who are underage and who choose to partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages are not only violating the law, they are also putting themselves and possibly others at risk. We want our students to make responsible choices as it relates to their collegiate experience.


Our procedures for handling students who violate the Tennessee Drinking Age Law are as follows:

  • First Offense and/or Arrest: parental and/or guardian notification if under 21; disciplinary probation and completion of the alcohol program under the supervision of the UT Martin Counseling Center.
  • Second Offense and/or Arrest: parental and/or guardian notification if under 21; continual disciplinary probation, additional counseling sessions and a $100.00 fine.
  • Third Offense and/or Arrest: parental and/or guardian notification if under 21; suspension from the University


It is our sincere hope that the procedures we have in place coupled with your pursuit to your educational goals will assist in gaining a clearer understanding of the law and the hazards associated with the underage consumption of alcoholic beverages.


If you have any questions regarding this policy please feel free to contact our student conduct officer, Mr. Joe Henderson at 731-881-7703.

Why do the hall staff do room checks?

Staff members will conduct room checks periodically to see that living conditions and accessories are appropriate. Staff members will be checking for all illegal items, safety hazards and for the sanitary conditions of the room and apartment. Should a resident be found to have a room check violation, they will be immediately notified and will have 5 days to correct the violation. Failure to correct will result in confiscation of illegal items and documentation of the occurrence. Repeated problems will be referred to Student Affairs.

What items are illegal to have on campus?

Illegal Multi-plugs/Extension Cords - All multi-plug units are required by Housing to have a surge protector. No extension cords are allowed.


Open Flames - Candles are allowed in the residential life facilities for decoration purposes only. Wicks must be removed from all candles.


Incense is not allowed.


Open Coil Appliances - Hot plates, toaster ovens, and other appliances with an open coil burner are not allowed in Browning, Ellington, and Cooper Halls. University Village A-E and F-H residents are allowed to have these items.


Halogen Lamps


Crock Pots (Allowed in University Village A-E / F-H)


Water Beds or furniture


Scented Plug-in air freshener (battery operated ones are ok)


Pets - The only pets allowed are fish in a small aquarium (under 10 gallons).

What are the quiet hours on campus?

In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to studying and sleeping in the residential life facilities, quiet hours are from 8pm until 8am everyday. During quiet hours, noise should not be audible outside a resident's room. A 24-hour quiet hour policy is in effect during exam week. Residents are expected to operate stereos, TVs, and other sound equipment with regard for the rights of others. Noise, including voices, heard more than two doors away is considered to be in violation of the noise policy. Continuous noise violations can result in disciplinary action from the University. University Village A-E and F-H residents need to be respectful and mindful of the others around them. Noise violations will be handled accordingly by the University Village staff.

When am I allowed to have visitors of the opposite sex in my room on campus?

Type I Visitation

Rooms are available to all single students

8pm to 8am., quiet period year round, 24 hour quiet hour period during examination week

No visitation of the opposite sex


Type II Visitation

Designate for Browning, Ellington and Cooper Halls.

Rooms are available to all single students

8pm to 8am quiet period year round, 24 hour period during examination week

Visitation of the opposite sex allowed noon-midnight on Sunday-Thursday and noon-2am on Friday and Saturday


Type III

Designated for University Village A-E and F-H only.

24 hour quiet hour period during examination week

Visitation: 24 Hour Policy. This does not mean that guests may live with you. Cohabitation is NOT permitted. Cohabitation will be defined as anytime a guest of the resident either stays more than 3 nights in a one week period, or excessively and freely utilizes the apartment's resources, which have been paid for by the other residents. Residents need to be mindful and respectful of their roommates. Visitation issues occurring in University Village A-E / F-H will be handled by the staff accordingly.

Can I have a bike on campus?

Bicycle racks are conveniently located near each residence hall. Bikes may also be stored in student rooms as long as they do not restrict free entry and exit. Bikes may not be ridden or stored in common areas such as stairwells, hallways, and lobby areas.

Can I play musical instruments in the halls?

Musical instruments may be played in the residence halls and University Village as long as they do not violate quiet hour policies or disturb others. Practice rooms are available in Clement Hall for students who wish to practice their instruments.

What do I do if I get locked out of my room?

Residents are expected to carry their room keys and ID card at all times. Residents who forget their keys or ID card and need to be let onto their floor or in their room must sign the lock out log at the front desk and wait for a staff member to escort them. University Village A-E residents may contact the Cooper Hall front desk for lock out assistance and University Village F-H can contact the Ellington Hall desk. Residents are allowed 3 lock outs per semester without penalty.

What do I do if I lose my keys or skyhawk card?

These should be reported and replaced immediately. There will be a charge to replace lost keys or ID cards. The cost of replacing these are: room key $10, mail key $3, suite door (Cooper) $15, University Village Key $50, floor door key $50, ID card $15. These prices are subject to change. You can pay the Community Leader or Hall Director for the keys or you can be billed. You must pay for a new ID card at the Skyhawk Card Office before it can be replaced. Again, not reporting lost or stolen keys or ID cards jeopardizes the security of your floor, room, or apartment.

Am I allowed to have overnight guests?

Overnight guests are allowed to stay for three (3) days and must be the same sex as the resident with whom they are staying. Guests under the age of 18 must get prior approval from the Director of Housing. All overnight guests should sign in and out at the front desk. You need to get permission from your roommates prior to overnight guests staying in your room. Cohabitation is not permitted!

Are people allowed to smoke on campus?

Smoking is not permitted in any of the Residence Halls or University Village. Smoking must be at least 20 ft away from all main entrances.

What is the policy for having guns/weapons on campus?

Weapons, firearms, and fireworks are prohibited on UTM property including the residential facilities. Firearms used for hunting may be checked in and out of public safety.

When do housing staff members go into my room?

Authorized University personnel may enter a student's residence hall room or apartment without permission for the following reasons:

  • To provide routine maintenance and to ensure that residents are following health, fire, and safety regulations
  • To respond to emergency situations (i.e. situations that threaten the health and/or safety of room occupants and situations which require immediate maintenance to prevent property damage.)
  • When there is reason to believe a violation of University policy is taking place in the room, and there is no response from the students in the room


Note: We do not allow non-residents into others' rooms. This includes parents.

What do I do if there is a fire alarm in my building?

Regular fire drills are conducted to ensure that the buildings can be evacuated in minimal time and to familiarize residents with the proper procedures.


A fire alarm consists of strobe lights and audible alarms. Anytime a fire alarm sounds, residents need to immediately leave the building or courtyard through the nearest exit.


Failure to evacuate or interfering with the staff performing their required duties will be subject to disciplinary action by the University.


In the event of an actual fire please go to the University Center patio and wait for staff to arrive to account for all residents.


Evacuation route maps are located in each room. For safety reasons, never use an elevator during a fire alarm. Each residence hall room is equipped with a smoke detector, as are the hallways. Pull-switches for the fire alarm are located throughout the building on each floor. Fire extinguishers are also present on each floor. Each smoke detector in the halls has a small red light that flashes every 15 to 20 seconds when functioning properly. All smoke detectors can be tested by pushing and holding the button on the detector for 30 to 45 seconds. A loud beeping should follow. Emergency and exit lights, fire safety staircases with self-closing doors, and evacuation plans posted within the residence hall rooms ensure your safety.


If at anytime you have questions or concerns, notify the front desk immediately. Please treat every fire alarm as a real emergency!


If you cannot leave the room:

Dial 7777 Campus Security or the front desk, and let them know your location. Stuff sheets or towels in all cracks around the doors and vents. Check to see if there is smoke outside the windows. If there is NO smoke, hang a sheet or light colored material outside. If the room is smoky, stay low. Make yourself visible to rescue personnel through any window or balcony.


Additional Fire Safety Information:

To ensure the safety of our residents, no open flames are allowed in the rooms including lighted candles and incense. In addition, open coil appliances like toaster ovens and hot plates are not allowed in Browning, Ellington and Cooper Halls. Halogen lamps are also not permitted in all Residence Halls.


Multi-plug strips and extension cords pose another potential fire hazard. Therefore, only multi-plug strips with surge protectors that are UL listed are permitted. Extension cords are not allowed. For further information consult your RA or call the Office of Housing at 7730.




Fire drills will be conducted periodically. Please treat every alarm as a real emergency and LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Smoke detectors and sprinklers are located in each apartment. Evacuate the area until you have been given clearance to return to the apartment by University staff or emergency personnel. Failure to evacuate or interfering with staff performing required duties will result in disciplinary action by the University.

What do I do if there is a tornado?

Tornado Status

Tornado Watch: Weather conditions are favorable for tornadoes.

Tornado Warning: A tornado has been indicated on radar or has actually been sighted in the area.


A tornado alarm is a continuous siren. In the event of a tornado, residents of Cooper, Ellington and Browning Hall need to close and lock your door and proceed immediately to the basements of the residence hall. Avoid windows and glass doors, and wear shoes.


University Village residents: In the event that a tornado warning has been issued and the campus siren has been activated we prefer that you go to the first floor to an interior walled section of an apartment or hallway. If you do not have time please go to your bathroom and stay away from all windows. Prior to an issued warning you may seek shelter in the basements of Cooper, Ellington, or Browning.


Note: Local tornado alarms are tested at noon the last Wednesday of each month.


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