What is Echo360?

The Echo360 Classroom is a special setup in certain classrooms on campus that enable professors to record their classroom lectures and automatically upload them into Canvas. The Echo360 Classroom setup captures 3 things in the classroom; It records the activity on the computer screen, a microphone records the professor's voice as they lecture, and a video camera records the front of the classroom where the professor is standing.


Apreso Screenshot


The image above shows an example of what the end product of a classroom recording looks like. Students click a link in the Canvas course and the recording loads in the browser. No technical expertise is needed by the professor, and there is no technical setup that the professor needs to go through before the recording starts. The recording starts and stops automatically.

Schedule an Echo360 Classroom Capture

The Echo360 Classroom setup is located in Brehm 258, Business Admin 36 , Business Admin 220, EPS 317, Gooch 207, Gooch 228 , Sociology 101, and Library 215.


Schedule an Echo360 Classroom Capture

Echo360 Personal Capture Software 2017

To record a Personal Capture recording, you must have the new Echo360 software on your computer. To install the necessary software, please log into and follow the instructions in the following documents.

Only UTM personnel may use this Personal Capture software. To set up an account or for additional information, please call or email the ITC (731-881-7877).

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