Audio/Video/Microform Playback Facilities


This library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents.

10 Wayne Fisher Dr.

Martin, TN 38238

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Audio/Video/Microform Playback Facilities

Our department has a large public-service room used in part for storage of our extensive microfilm and microfiche collections. In addition, we have a separate viewing room for microforms, video cassettes, DVDs, slides and other popular media formats. State-of-the-art media carrels and low-level lighting provide our users with all the privacy they need for viewing or listening to their individual academic assignments. We also have a unique place set up for anyone to listen to records as well.



The Paul Meek Library houses two separate media classrooms. The larger Ryan Seminar Room seats 56 students and is the primary media playback classroom on campus. In addition, we also have a smaller Library Instruction Room nearby which seats 24 individuals. This room can be scheduled on a first-come basis if you would like for your students to receive formal instruction in learning to use the library. If you need to schedule any of the above facilities, call us at x-7063 or x-7069.