Academic Speaker Series

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Academic Year 2003-2004 Academic Year 2004-2005 Academic Year 2005-2006 Academic Year 2006-2007
Mary Lightfine Morris Dees Eric Chester Louis Freeh
Dr. Han Park Dr. Michael Nelson Nadine Strossen Jane Bryant Quinn
Dr. Edward Burger Gloria Baxter Justice Alan Page Joe Johnson
Robert Zubrin Jody Williams Dr. James McPherson David Kennedy
Dr. Paul Finkelman Dr. Susan Bies Dr. H. W. Brands Margrethe Ahlschwede
Dr. Carol Ward Dr. Casey Green Dr. Eugenie Scott Julian Bond
Dr. Ted Labuza Michael Angelo David McPherson


Academic Year 2007-2008 Academic Year 2008-2009 Academic Year 2009-2010 Academic Year 2010-2011
Roger K. Newman Dr. Vaughn May Roy Gutman Matthew Wilson
Dr. Thomas Barnett Douglas Cardinal Roy Van Arsdale Dr. Jan Simek
John Bul Dau Richard Tillinghast A.G. Alberto Gonzales Lee Wetherington
Frank DeFord Dr. Michael Gibson Ted Mosch Dr. David Barber
Dr. Kerry Emanuel Dr. Orville Burton Julie Stackhouse Jonathan Alter
Sen. Paul Sarbanes David Loebel Michelle Merwin Dr. Chris Caldwell
Dr. John B. Carberry Dr. Kimberly A. Gray Julien Clinton Sprott Dr. Jeremy Turner
Dr. Norman Lillegard Dr. Robert M. Hazen Robert Peoples Bob Herbert


Academic Year 2011-2012 Academic Year 2012-2013 Academic Year 2013-2014
Geoff Calkins Weston Smith Dr. John W. Schmidt
Dr. Albert Wiley John Geer Dennis Walto
Mark Whitaker Les Johnson Dave Dennis
Dr. Julie Hill Randy Hedgepath Anthony Leiserowitz
Rick Bragg Dr. David Coffey Sonja DuBois
Omar Wasow Sara Gale
Robert Galluci William Klemm
Dr. Jennifer Wiseman
Dr. Wesley Harris