The ASSURE Model

Source: Smaldino, S.E., Lowther, D.L., & Russell, J.D. (2012). Instructional technology and media for learning (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

For effective instruction to take place, careful planning is required. This model is designed to help you effectively integrate media/technology into your lesson or presentation - to help "assure" learning.

There are six parts to the model.

Analyze Learners (5 points)

The first step in planning is to specifically define your audience. You must know the learners if you are to select the best strategies to meet the objectives you have set. The audience can be analyzed in terms of their general characteristics (grade level, age) and specific entry competencies (prior knowledge, skills, and attitudes about the topic, and learning styles).

State Objectives (5 points)

The next step in planning is to specifically state the objectives for the lesson or presentation. Objectives must be stated in terms of what the learner (not the teacher or presenter) will do (stated in behavioral terms) as the result of instruction. Your lesson should include 2-3 specific objectives. Objectives typically contain 4 basic parts:

Select Media and Materials (5 points)

Now you have set the beginning point (the audience's present knowledge, skills, and attitudes) and the ending point (objectives) of your instruction. Now your job is the build an instructional bridge that will connect the two points. You may select available materials, modify existing materials, or design new materials to help accomplish this task. You may select several different types of media to use with the unit. Any of the media/technology discussed in the text will be appropriate.

Utilize Media and Materials (5 points)

Now you must decide how the materials will be used by the students. Preview the materials and practice the lesson. Next, prepare the room and be sure the necessary equipment and facilities are available and ready for your use before you actually use the lesson.

Require Learner Performance (2 points)

Learners need to practice what they have learned. Describe how the learners will actively use the materials you have selected. Correct responses should be reinforced. There should be activities included in the lesson or that allow learners to respond and receive feedback before any type of evaluation is administered.

Evaluate and Revise (3 points)

After instruction, you must evaluate the entire instructional process. Did the learners meet the objectives? Did the media/materials assist the learners in reaching those objectives? Could all learners use the materials properly? If there are discrepancies between what you intended and what actually happened during the lesson, make appropriate revisions before making the lesson again.