TeXwasher is a program originally written for use at the on-line mathematics journal Topology Atlas. Designed to wash TeX-code from the abstracts of mathematics papers, TeXwasher tries to replace TeX-code with appropriate HTML code, without the use of images. This means that certain code, say "\to", will be replaced with "-->", while other code, say "\alpha", is left untouched. Because the abstract of a mathematical paper is generally not overladen with special math symbols, TeXwasher makes such short TeX-coded documents a bit more readable in HTML than if no substitutions were attempted.

Folks looking to translate mathematics into a more beautiful HTML document might find the PERL script latex2hmtl helpful. It replaces all math symbols with a suitable image.

Place the block of text that you wish to wash of TeX-code in the window below. (You might find cutting and pasting with a simple editor like Notepad useful here.) When you're done, click the button "Submit". When the script is completed, you may then capture the resulting HTML document by copying the Viewed Source.

Please send any observations or helpful comments regarding this script to John Schommer.

Last modified March 11, 1998