Academic Calendar

Final Exam Schedule Registration Schedule Parts of Term

Spring 2024

November 2-3, 2023Early registration for veteran students
November 6-10, 2023Early registration begins for all students
January 10Advising
January 11*Classes begin
January 11-17Registration for students who have not previously registered
January 15Martin Luther King Holiday
January 22Last day to add classes
January 23Administrative drop for non-payment
January 24Last day to drop classes with no record of enrollment
February 26Mid-term progress report due 8:30 a.m.
March 1*Last day to drop a class, part of term 1
March 25-31Spring Break (Weakley Co. March 25-29)
March 29Spring Holiday
April 4-5Early Registration for approved groups, summer and fall 2024
April 8-12Early registration begins for summer and fall 2024 (current students)
April 26*Classes end
April 26I's calculate as F's in student's GPA (Spring 2023)
April 29-May 3Final exams
May 4Commencement in the Elam Center or TBD
May 6Final Grades due by 8:30 a.m.

Spring 2024 Academic Calendar

Summer 2024

May 13Maymester term begins (POT 10)
 Last day to add classes for Maymester (POT 10)
 Last day to drop classes for Maymester (POT 10) without “W” record
May 14Administrative Drop for non-payment Maymester (POT 10)
May 16Last day to drop a Maymester classes without documentation
May 27Memorial Day Holiday— offices closed and no class
May 31Maymester classes end, and final exams given last day of class
June 3Maymester grades due @ 8:30 am
 Summer Full-Term (POT 1) and Summer I (POT 2) classes begin
June 4Last day to add classes for Summer I (POT 2)
 Last day to drop classes for Summer I (POT 2) without “W” record
June 5Last day to add classes for Summer Full-Term (POT 1)
 Last day to drop classes for Summer Full-Term (POT 1) without “W” record
June 6Administrative drop for non-payment Summer Full-Term (POT 1)
June 14Last day to drop Summer 1 (POT 2) classes without documentation
July 4Fourth of July Holiday—Closed
July 5Summer I (POT 2) classes end, and final exams are given last day of class
 Last day to drop Summer Full-Term (POT 1) classes without documentation
July 8Summer I (POT 2) grades due @ 8:30 am
July 9Summer II (POT 3) class begins
July 10Last day to add classes for Summer II (POT 3)
 Last day to drop classes for Summer II (POT 3) without “W” record
July 11Administrative drop for non-payment Summer II (POT 3)
July 19Last day to drop Summer II (POT 3) classes without documentation
July 26TN Higher Educ. Comm. reporting cutoff @ 5 pm
August 9Summer II (POT 3) and Summer Full-Term (POT 1) classes end, and final exams are given last day of class
August 10-16Awarding of August degrees (walk-in December 2024 commencement)
August 12Summer II (POT 3) and Summer Full-Term (POT 1) grades due @ 8:30 am

Summer 2024 Academic Calendar

Fall 2024

August 26First day of classes
August 26 - September 1Late registration
August 30Last day to add a course POT 1
September 2Labor Day Holiday
September 5Administrative drop for non-payment
September 8Last day to drop without a 'W' grade
October 11Mid-term progress reports are due
October 14-15 Fall Break
October 18Last day to drop a class without documentation
November 07-08Approved Group's early registration for Spring 2025
November 11-15Advising & early registration for Spring 2025, all students
November 27-Dec. 1Thanksgiving Holiday
December 6Classes end. I's to F's from Fall 2023
December 09-13Final exams
December 14Commencement, Elam Center
December 16Final grades are due by 8:30 PM

Fall 2024 Academic Calendar

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