Welcome to the Steven E. Rogers Media Center!

Located in Room 117 on the first floor of the Paul Meek Library.

Need a study space…using a multimedia classroom or video production studio…editing video presentations…using a interactive view board…3D scans and prints…white board tables…finding a movie…

The media Center is an area in the library that is interactive, tech-enabled, and adaptable to a variety of uses for collaborative engagement. Students, faculty and staff are provided with a wide variety of resources and technologies to be used for academic and personal projects.

Media Center equipment/capabilities include:

Educational and Instructional support with:

The entire Paul Meek Library is cash-free at its service points. Payments for services and supplies will require use of Skyhawk Card- Silver or library –issued borrower’s card.

Media Center Services and resources are available whenever the Library is open. For more information, call 881-7063 or e-mail: rogersmediacenter@utm.edu or psander9@utm.edu.

This library is a congressionally designated selective depository for U.S. government documents. Public Access to government documents is guaranteed by public law (Title 44 U.S.C).