1. Log into your My UTMartin Portal
  2. Select “Banner Self-Service”
  3. Select “Personal”
  4. Select "Housing Application"
  5. Select "Go to RMS Student Web for Housing"
  6. You will then arrive at the Online Housing Portal landing page
  7. Click the button or text labeled 'Housing Application'
  8. Click on the application type that you want to complete
  9. The housing application will then open
  10. Click 'Next Step' to proceed
  11. Read the information related to adding a room preference and click the green plus sign once you wish to add a room preference
  12. Click either 'Community' or 'Building' in the Preference Type dropdown
  13. Make a specific preference choice in the Preference dropdown box
  14. Click 'Select' to add the preference
  15. If you wish to apply for an LLC, select your desired LLC in the dropdown box under Living Learning Communities. Don’t forget to have Cooper Hall as one of your Room Preferences or Ellington Hall for the Global Experience
  16. If you wish to make a special housing request, you may do so in the boxes to the right. Click 'Next Step' to proceed
  17. To begin a Roommate Group, click the "Create Group" button. Then click the "Invite" button.
  18. You may search for your roommate via their Student ID
  19. Once you have entered their Student ID, click Search. Then click Select. You can invite multiple people to your Roommate Group.
  20. Here you may also make specific Roommate Matching Preferences. Click 'Next Step' to proceed
  21. Please fill out the missing person information and legal standing to proceed to the next step
  22. If you are applying for the Residence Halls of University Village, read and sign your electronic lease, then click 'Next Step' below.
  23. Your PDF summary will load on the next page. You may email this or download it. Click FINISH to finish the application
  24. The last step is to pay your housing deposit. Click 'Make Housing Deposit' to open the TouchNet payment window and make your housing deposit.

If you are a prospective student, you will need to be admitted to the university before you are able to apply for housing online.

Deposit - The $50 deposit is required to complete your application. The deposit is refundable to the student at the end of the lease as long as you have cleaned the space and there are no damages upon check out. For returning residents, the deposit will roll over with your new fall application.