Welcome to our Living Learning Communities at UT Martin, designed to ensure a seamless and enriching transition into college life. We offer the following themed housing in our LLCs:

Living Learning Communities provide a unique environment where students with similar academic majors or lifestyle interests can live together and collaborate. As a member, you'll reside in Cooper Hall, where you'll have access to community rooms equipped with the latest technologies, study rooms, and space to hang out.

Here's why joining a Living Learning Community is so beneficial:

  1. Tailored Transition: Experience a personalized transition into college life, surrounded by peers who share your academic or lifestyle interests.
  2. Academic Enrichment: Enhance your academic journey by living and learning with individuals who are pursuing similar fields of study.
  3. Leadership Development: Cultivate valuable leadership skills through engagement and involvement within your Living Learning Community.
  4. Study Support: Say goodbye to struggling to find a study group. With like-minded individuals in close proximity, collaborative learning becomes effortless.
  5. Faculty Connections: Build meaningful connections with faculty members who are dedicated to supporting and guiding your academic growth.
  6. Lasting Friendships: Create lifelong friendships with individuals who share your passions, interests, and goals.
  7. Campus Involvement: Get involved in campus activities, clubs, and organizations that align with your interests and passions.
  8. Have Fun! Enjoy a vibrant and engaging college experience filled with exciting events, social gatherings, and memorable moments.

We invite you to explore our diverse Living Learning Communities and discover the one that aligns with your academic and lifestyle aspirations. Take the first step towards admission to the LLC and apply today!

How Do I Apply For a LLC

Applying for the Living Learning Communities at UT Martin is a quick and simple process.

Your application will be processed and you will be notified of admission once assignments are released.